Your home is your castle, so why settle for anything less? Since 1951, Barger has been synonymous with quality construction and exemplary customer service. We have translated our four generations of knowledge and experience into a superior product that exceeds the expectations of today’s selective home buyers.

While building a custom home can seem like a daunting process, the end result makes the hard work worth the effort. From sketches to swatches, our team specializes in creating your dream home to your exact specifications. Our library of home plans can be easily adapted to suit any location, taste level or budget, and our team of realtors can help you find the perfect home site in any Tampa Bay neighborhood.

Barger Builders, takes the stress out of homebuilding by allowing our clients to focus on the creation and design of the home while we oversee the realization of the final product. Choosing cabinetry, flooring, finishes and furniture becomes a fun and exciting process, as the client is completely freed of the daily stressors of managing a large-scale construction project.

Have a look at some of Barger Builders recently completed projects and our current listings, and should you be looking for something other than what we are currently building or selling, contact us today and let our team find your dream home today!